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A third-grader once wrote on my whiteboard, “Ms. Head is nuts.” That tracks.

I finished my masters degree in May 2020. If I’d had the foresight to know that I would be graduating into a pandemic and a recession, I never would have quit teaching to study full time. 74 flopped job applications and six months later, I’ve turned to the freelance life…

The rules are made up and the points don’t matter. So why do kids bother trying?

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A good teacher rule of thumb is to have your classroom rules come from your students. It empowers them to know that they’re the ones who curated the classroom culture, and increases their awareness of how they should behave.

In the first week of school every year, I reliably workshopped…

Laura Head

Passionate educator writing insights on learning, travel, and whatever else comes to mind. Founder of Heads Up Learning.

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